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Dear Samson: To A New American

We swore this is not who we are … you swore to defend the constitution and the laws of the United States of America, in hopes of what we may yet become.

The People’s House

It is the people’s house.
We built this house to serve a nation,
and to build a nation to serve the world.
It is the servant’s entrance you entered.

On Freedom and Love in a Time of Pandemic

Freedom. There is hardly a more soul-stirring word in America, since the Declaration of Independence named “certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”  It is the bottom-line last word for every argument, or at least the last word for not listening to one. In these pandemic times liberty, …

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The Last Minstrel Show

We didn’t even know what a minstrel show was. Seventh grade English always put on a play every year, chosen and directed by our teacher.  Apart from the Easter parade (bonnets for girls, rabbit ears for boys) in kindergarten, I’d never been in a play before.  Now it was our turn, we were excited. “Here’s …

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On Being a Shepherd

Why do I even care? I always thought I would find a way out of this.  I never wanted this job, and I always thought that sooner or later something else would come up, another door would open, and I’d take it.  I’d get out of this, if I could, leave the flock behind, let …

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